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Utah Fall Trout Fishing

Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve is an amazing place to be in October and November. The fishing is amazing in the fall months and the fall colors are beautiful. The fall afternoons are mild, and the cool evenings are great for relaxing in the hot tub or sitting around the campfire. The fall fishing is some of the best fishing of the year at Six Lakes. Here are a few late fall fishing tips and techniques that will help you catch more fish.

Brown and tiger trout are active in the late fall and looking for large meals. Woolly buggers and leeches in rust brown and black are great options for catching large brown and tiger trout. Working buggers or leeches along submerged rocks or around underwater logs and weed beds is a great way to entice these predatory fish to strike. Balanced leeches are also very effective for catching large trout in the late fall. Balanced leeches are hung from a strike indicator a few feet and cast along submerged rocks or weed beds. Fish cruising along the edge of the weed bed or rocks will pick up the balanced leech as they cruise the edge of the structure looking for food. This is a great way to catch fish in the late fall.

Rainbow trout are also active in the late fall. A balanced leech pattern is also effective for catching rainbow trout. Rainbows are also feeding heavily in the late fall on emerging midges. Zebra midges, magic midges, disco midges, and sno-cone chironomids are all great patterns to use during October and November. Hanging midges off a strike indicator a few feet and casting it along the edge of weed beds is a great way to catch feeding rainbow trout. Trout are usually feeding on small midges in the late fall and a larger sno-cone chironomid dropped off a couple feet and a small midge in sizes 18-22 dropped off another foot is a great way to catch fish in the late fall.

The great pheasant hunting started in September and will continue throughout the fall and winter until March. Guests staying at Six Lakes can set up a pheasant hunt in the morning and fish in the afternoon. It is one of our favorite times of year!