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Fishing Rules

All fishing at Six Lakes is catch and release with artificial flies and lures only.

  • All flies and lures must have only a single barbless hook. Barbs on hooks should be pinched down with pliers or forceps. Because of the damage they can cause to fish, no treble or tandem hooks are allowed. Both fly fishing and spin fishing are allowed, however, fishing with bait of any type is not allowed. Flies, spinners, plugs, jigs, and other artificial lures are allowed.
  • Catch & Release fishing is required at all times on our lakes. We encourage our guests to take photos to show to friends and family and to leave the fish for the next lucky angler. However, should you wish to keep a fish for dinner or a child’s first fish you may do so within the guidelines below. When releasing a fish, proper precautions must be taken to ensure the health of the fish. Click here for information on the proper catch & release process.
  • All guests at Six Lakes desiring to keep one fish per angler will pay $5.00 per kept fish.
  • The Six Lakes Slot Limit states that only fish between the sizes of 11 – 16 inches may be kept. All other fish must be immediately released.
  • All guests are allowed the opportunity to keep one “Trophy-Fish” if they desire. A “Trophy Fish” is any fish that exceeds the Six Lakes slot limit of 16″ in length. Guests are charged $80.00 for a kept Trophy Fish.
  • All kept fish must be cleaned outdoors, and the waste disposed of properly.
  • Unless otherwise arranged with the manager, camping guests are allowed to fish only on Totem and Cliff Lakes.
  • All guests will be given the fishing rules and guidelines upon arrival at Six Lakes. Guests will be responsible for knowing and following these rules.