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Fishing in Utah

Fishing is one of the favorite activities at Six Lakes. There is great fishing year-round to enjoy while you are staying at Six Lakes with your family or friends. In this blog we will discuss the different fishing seasons and how to catch fish at Six Lakes every month of the year.

In January and February, the lakes at Six Lakes are covered by ice, so guests at Six Lakes ice fish during these two months. Ice fishing is a fun family activity on the weekends in January and February and everyone in the family can have fun playing out on the ice, sledding, ice skating, and pulling fish through the ice. Ice fishing jigs work well at Six Lakes and our favorite jig is a white rubber jig with a red or orange jig head.

The ice melts off the lakes the first or second week of March depending on the weather. The second half of March and April is a good time to come fish at Six Lakes. The water is still cold, and the fish are sticking close to the bottom of the lake where the water is a little warmer and feed on blood worms and crayfish on the bottom of the lake. Working a jig, woolly bugger, or leech slow along the bottom of the lake will get fish to strike. Fish are a little lethargic right after the ice melts off and the water is cold, so make sure you are working jigs and flies slow and deep to trigger strikes from fish.

In May and June, the water temperature is just about perfect for trout and insects are hatching in large numbers. Midges hatch in great numbers in May and a zebra midge hung a few feet off a strike indicator or bubble is a great way to fish. Woolly buggers and leeches still work great in May as well. In June the damselflies are hatching and a damselfly nymph or small olive woolly bugger is a great option to pull along the weed beds to catch a lot of fish.

July and August are when the bass and bluegill get very active. Eagle, Island, and Cliff Lakes at Six Lakes have some great bass and bluegill in them. These species love the warmer water and feed heavily in these hot months. Jigs, woolly buggers, and leeches are great patterns to target these species.

September through December 1 is great fall fishing at Six Lakes. The big brown and tiger trout are active during the fall months and fishermen can catch some of the biggest fish of the year during the fall months. Woolly buggers and leeches in a black or rust color work well and a copper john or pheasant tail nymph dropped off the back of a woolly bugger 20 inches is a great way to attract more fish.

The ice comes back onto the lakes in December and late December starts ice fishing season again.

We hope to see you this year at Six Lakes for some amazing fishing and beautiful evenings on the lakes!