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Ice Fishing In Utah

During the winter at Six Lakes the preserve is quiet and peaceful, and the wildlife is abundant. We see deer, coyotes, and hawks most days on the Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve. Most weekends in the winter groups come out and relax at the preserve and enjoy the peace and relaxation of this beautiful preserve. They enjoy time ice fishing on the lakes, bird hunting at Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve, watching the wildlife and spending time with family and friends relaxing. 

During the winter months ice fishing is one of the favorite activities at Six Lakes and it is one of the best spots to ice fish in Utah.  The ice fishing is good right now and the ice will be thick and safe until the first week of March.  Hungry trout during the winter months are eager to bite a jig and we catch some massive trout during January and February through the ice.  The cabins at Six Lakes are right next to the lakes, so when you get cold or hungry it is easy to go inside the cabin and get a bite to eat and some hot chocolate.  The hot tub at the Loon Lodge is the perfect way to warm up and relax in the evening after a long day of Utah ice fishing. 

Pheasant hunting is also a popular activity during the winter months for guests staying at Six Lakes Resort. The Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve is just down the road about 30 minutes and is one of the best bird hunting preserves in the western United States. Groups from 2 to 20 people can spend the morning at the preserve hunting pheasant and spending time together in the outdoors. There is no experience or equipment necessary to hunt at Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve, just give them a call and they can provide everything you need to have a great hunt. The guides and instructors can teach you a great deal about bird hunting in just a few short hours. 

Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve is the perfect spot to escape and relax for the weekend in the winter months and spend some time ice fishing in Utah. We hope to see you soon at Six Lakes!