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Lake Fishing in Utah

May is a special time of year at Six Lakes. The lake fishing is fantastic, and the waterfowl and wildlife are very active on the property.  It is a great time of year to catch fish and see a lot of wildlife and birds.  Every year we look forward to the month of May and the great fishing and abundant wildlife viewing on the Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve. 

There are so many good lakes to fish at Six Lakes that sometimes it makes it hard to choose which lake to fish first.  Loon Lake is one of the favorites, because it is easy for guests staying at Loon Lodge to walk down to the lake and start fishing any time of day. There are lots of healthy rainbows and tiger trout in Loon Lake. The tiger trout like to hide in the structure of the lake, and we usually find them hiding in the woody debris and underwater rocks along the south shoreline of the lake.

Duck Lake is also a great lake to fish and has a lot of nice rainbows and brown trout.  The rainbows tend to cruise the south, east and west shorelines and the browns tend to spend most of their time in the northwest side of the lake hiding among the rocks. 

Eagle Lake is a great lake for those fishermen that like to explore. It has a lot of variety in both habitat and fish species. There is a large population of rainbow, browns, tigers, and bass in Eagle Lake.  The browns and tigers mostly live on the west and northwest side of the lake among the rocks and structure. The rainbows and bass can be found throughout the lake. 

Island Lake has mostly bass and bluegill and is a fun lake to fish in July and August when the weather is hot and the trout are sitting deep. The bass and bluegill love the warmer water and are very active. A woolly bugger will catch plenty of bass or you can catch lots of bluegill by hanging a prince nymph off of a strike indicator. 

Cliff Lake is also a great lake to fish in the summer months. It has a great population of bass and bluegill and rainbows and brown trout. It is fun to work woolly buggers and jigs along the cliffs and underwater rocks and have fish come out and eat it.

Totem Lake is a great lake to fish any time of the year.  It has a great population of rainbows and some nice tiger trout. It is the smallest lake at Six Lakes, so most of the time the fish are easy to find. 

Meadow Lake has some of the biggest fish at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve. The fish in Meadow Lake are fat and healthy, so they can be picky sometimes since they have plenty to eat, but if you are patient your work can be rewarded with a fish of a lifetime.  May is some of the best Utah lake fishing. We hope to see you soon for some Utah fishing adventures!