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Spring Fishing in Utah

The snow and ice at Six Lakes has started to melt. The above average snow fall this winter and the cold temperatures have built up a larger than normal amount of ice and snow on the Six Lakes Preserve this winter. All of this ice and snow is taking longer than normal for the ice and snow to clear off of the lakes at Six Lakes. Most of the ice and snow should be melted by the end of March and the lakes should be open water for spring fishing and canoeing. In this blog post we will discuss the end of March and April at Six Lakes Preserve and the Utah spring fishing opportunities.

Most years there is plenty of open water to fish in March at Six Lakes. This year with the massive winter snow fall and the early winter cold temperatures the ice is thick and there is no open water in March. There is still safe ice on the lakes and the ice fishing is still good at Six Lakes for another couple weeks. There is always good pheasant hunting in March at the Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve down the road from Six Lakes. This year is no different and the mild March temperatures make for some great March pheasant hunting opportunities. This year there are lots of pheasants around the preserve and the hunting has been amazing the last few weeks.

The fishing will be great in April and we are looking forward to the open water fishing in April. The water is still cold in April and so fish stay deep in and cruise the bottom of the lake for small crayfish, minnows, blood worms, and leeches. Woolly buggers, leeches, crayfish patterns, and jigs worked slow and low near the bottom of the lake are very effective in April. Dropping a blood worm or nymph off the jig or woolly bugger a couple of feet will also produce fish. The key in April is to make sure you are getting your line down near the bottom of the lake and move it slowly with plenty of action.

We are looking forward to the next 8 weeks at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve and we are excited for some early spring fishing. We hope to see you soon at Six Lakes for some Utah spring fishing!