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Spring Fishing

April has started with a bang at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve. The fishing has been amazing and many of our members and guests have been taking advantage of the fantastic fishing by staying a night or two and fishing for multiple days. There are also many other great activities to enjoy with your family and friends at Six Lakes in the spring. Here are some of our favorite spring activities at Six Lakes.

Fishing is one of the best spring activities at Six Lakes. The fishing is good in the spring, and it is a great time to come catch a bunch of fish whether you are a beginner or an expert. The fish are actively feeding most of the day with the mild weather and you can fish all day if you want. We recommend fishing black or white woolly buggers, leech patterns, or blood worms near the bottom of the lake and working your fly slowly to attract fish. 

Canoeing and kayaking is also a favorite activity at Six Lakes in the spring months.  The mild weather is great for getting out on a canoe or kayak on the lakes and paddling around the lakes. The beautiful sunrises in the morning and the sunsets in the evening over the lakes makes it a spectacular time to be out on the lakes for a breathtaking view. 

Spring is the best time of year for wildlife viewing at Six Lakes. The wildlife is active around the property, and you are likely to see deer, coyotes, mink, and rabbits. Waterfowl is flying north and stopping at Six Lakes to rest and feed on the lakes as they travel north. It is a great time of year to see ducks, geese, herons, egrets, cormorants, and loons. 

Families love to relax in the evenings in the hot tubs or sit around the firepit.  The hot tubs are a great way to relax and soak at the end of a long day of adventure and many guests enjoy a relaxing soak at the end of each day while staying at Six Lakes. The fire pits on the property also are great for gathering at the end of the day and roasting some marshmallows and talking about the great day. 

We hope to see you and your family soon at Six Lakes!