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Tips for Utah Spring Fishing

The ice fishing at Six Lakes is good right now and will last through February. As the weather warms up the first week of March the ice will melt and depending on the weather the ice will come off the lakes around the second week of March. The fishing is good as the ice comes off the lakes. In this blog we will discuss tips on how to catch fish when the ice comes off the lakes this spring at Six Lakes.

In March and early April, the water temperatures are still cold in the lakes around Utah. Fish are actively feeding and the fishing can be good, but they are not moving really fast due to the cold water temperatures. In most cases the fish are also hanging deeper in the lake in the more insulated water that is not fluctuating temperature with the cold night time temperatures this time of year. Here are a few techniques to use while fishing Utah lakes in March and April that will help you catch more fish as the ice comes off the lakes.

One of the most effective techniques is to use a full sink fly line with a woolly bugger or leech pattern and a nymph dropped off the back of the woolly bugger. Fish are sitting deep this time of year and a full sink line and a bead head woolly bugger will help you get down to where the fish are sitting in the water column. Fishing this set up slowly will allow it to sink down to where the fish are and moving it slowly in with your fingers will move the fly slowly and create good movement, but not move it too fast. Dropping a nymph or blood worm off the woolly bugger about 24 inches will also tempt fish to strike as they feed this time of year on blood worms or larvae in the mud.

A second technique that is very effective as the ice comes off the lakes is using a strike indicator and a long leader about ten to fifteen feet long. At the end of the leader tie a balanced leech or a blood worm and try to cast your balanced leech or blood worm right on the edge of weed beds and just off the bottom of the lake along these weed beds.

We hope to see you this March and April at Six Lakes for some early spring fishing!