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Utah Cabin Rental

Playing in the water is a great way to cool down in July and August.  Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve has tons of water to play in. The six lakes on the property are perfect for all kinds of water recreation during the summer months. Canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming are all great ways to cool down in the warm July weather at Six Lakes. Guests also enjoy fishing for trout and crawdads during the summer.  The six lakes on the property are not the only way to cool down during the summer. The recreation center at Six Lakes has a big swimming pool that guests enjoy throughout the summer. There is also a huge in-ground hot tub to relax in during the evening hours.  

As the weather starts to cool down the first of September the recreation at Six Lakes is just as amazing as the summer months.  The warm afternoons are perfect for canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and playing on the lakes. The cool mornings and evenings have the trout active and feeding making September and October some of the best fishing of the year. The cool evening weather in the fall is also perfect for soaking the hot tub and relaxing by the campfire and roasting hot dogs or smores. 

Escape the heat of the summer and play in the lakes at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve this July or August. The summer heat is perfect for spending time on the lakes relaxing and cooling down in the water. If your summer is already too busy and there is no time left in your schedule, do not worry the fall weekends are one of our favorite times of the year. Come visit us for a weekend in the fall and enjoy all the same recreation and great fall fishing.  These Utah cabin rentals are perfect for any time of year. 

We hope to see you soon at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve!