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Utah Family Fishing Cabin

In a few short weeks, the ice will start melting from the lakes at Six Lakes. This is one of our favorite times of years at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve. There are many reasons to love this time of year. The awesome fishing is the main reason that we love this time of year, but the abundant wildlife, baby animals, and waterfowl are also amazing things to see while you are enjoying time at Six Lakes. 

As the ice recedes from the shore and the lakes open the hungry fish that have been trapped below the ice all winter eating blood worms, midge larvae, and small crayfish are actively looking for a large meal. They are more than willing to jump on a woolly bugger pattern, leech, or crayfish pattern worked slowly along the bottom of the lakes. 

While out fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and canoeing at Six Lakes it is quite common to see deer and coyotes come down for a drink out of the lake. There are also many waterfowl and raptors hanging around the lakes including: loons, eagles, osprey, herons, egrets, ducks, coots, and owls. 

Families and friends gather at Six Lakes this time of year to enjoy the great fishing and wildlife viewing. Those that are not avid fishermen have plenty to do on the 400-acre property. The trails winding through the property are perfect for hiking, mountain biking, jogging, and wildlife viewing. The lakes provide great opportunities to canoe, paddleboard, and kayak.  When the sun goes down and the night comes everyone loves to meet back at the cabin and sit in the hot tub and play games and watch movies. 

The family fishing at Six Lakes is great any time of year, but the springtime is one of our favorites. The cabins at Six Lakes provide the perfect family fishing trip.