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Utah Family Fishing

The fishing has been amazing in May and the great fishing will continue for a few more weeks at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve. The midge hatches in the evenings have the fish heavily feeding most evenings.  The damselfly larvae have also been very active the last week and will continue to be active for the next few weeks. A small green woolly bugger or green jig works great for imitating these swimming damselfly larvae.  The next few weeks fish will be cruising along weed beds feeding on these damselfly larvae.  Moving a green woolly bugger or jig along these weed beds will entice big trout to strike. 

The end of May and the first half of June is a spectacular time of year at Six Lakes. The weather is just about perfect for outdoor recreation and families love to be at Six Lakes this time of year.  The mornings and evenings are amazing fishing and great weather for bike riding, hiking, and sitting in the hot tub.  The warm afternoons are perfect for swimming in the pool, canoeing, playing in the ponds, boating, and playing volleyball.

Six Lakes is a great wildlife and fishing resort for families that enjoy the outdoors.  The fishing is amazing and the swimming pool and hot tubs on the property are endless fun for families and children to swim and play water games.  Big Sand Wash Reservoir State Park is on the east side of Six Lakes Resort and comes right up to the property.  Families that enjoy boating will love to boat on this great reservoir during their stay at Six Lakes. 

The Six Lakes Resort has several different cabins. The Loon Lodge is a five-bedroom, five-bathroom lodge that is beautiful and great for families and groups of friends of up to 20 people. The Eagle Cabin is a four-bedroom, four-bathroom fishing cabin that is great for families or groups of fishermen up to 15 people.  There are five single bedroom camper cabins on the Six Lakes Resort. These are great for a small family or a few fishermen.  Large groups can rent several cabins or the entire resort.