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Utah Family Summer Vacation

Summer has arrived at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve. The warm summer weather arrived a couple weeks ago and June has been great fishing and warm afternoon weather for summer fun. July will bring more warm weather and great summer recreation. In this blog we will share some of our favorite summer recreation for families at Six Lakes.

Utah summer recreation at Six Lakes is amazing and families love the warm weather and endless recreation. One of the favorite summer recreation activities for families is swimming. At Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve there is tons of water sports. The beautiful swimming pool is great for swimming and there are also two large hot tubs for children to play in and for adults to relax in the evenings. The lakes on the property are also great for playing in the water. Children love to jump off the docks and paddleboard on the lakes. The warm summer afternoons are great for playing in the lakes and swimming in the pool.

Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve has a state park reservoir bordering the east side of the property. This large reservoir is great in the summer for boating and riding wave runners. It is a quiet reservoir and most weekdays there are very few boats on the lake. It is a great, quiet spot for families to boat on a quiet lake.

Fishing is a great summer recreation activity for families. The warm weather is great for catching lots of bass and bluegill at Six Lakes. Children love to catch bluegill and small bass and can catch a good amount of bass and bluegill in the summer months. It is fun for parents to take their children out in a canoe or rowboat at Six Lakes and catch some fish during their stay at Six Lakes.

The mornings and evenings in the summer are great for taking a bike ride or small hike around Six Lakes. The dirt roads and trails around Six Lakes are great for taking a morning bike ride or walk. Families can see wildflowers, waterfalls, rabbits, lizards, deer, hawks, ducks, and owls while they take a walk or bike ride around the Six Lakes Fishing Preserve.

We hope to see you and your family this summer at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve for a Utah family vacation!