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Utah Fishing and Hunting Vacation

The lakes at Six Lakes Fishing and Wildlife Preserve are now covered with ice and winter is in full swing. This a great time of year to have a lot of fun with family and friends at Six Lakes if you enjoy fishing, hunting, and winter recreation. There is lots to during the winter and wildlife is abundant on the preserve. It is a perfect place to have a Utah fishing and hunting vacation. Here are a few of our favorite winter activities.

Gathering with family and friends is always at the top of our list any time of year. In the winter Christmas, New Years, President’s Day Weekend, and Martin Luther King Jr. weekend are great times to get together with family and friends and have a winter vacation. Families love to play games, eat good food, watch movies, and play in the huge hot tub. Any weekend in the winter is a good time to get away for a couple of days and enjoy the peace and recreation at Six Lakes Fishing and Wildlife Preserve.

Ice fishing is one of the best winter activities at Six Lakes. The trout at Six Lakes are large and heavy and both children and adults have a great time catching the great trout at Six Lakes through the ice and enjoying time as a family fishing. Children also enjoy sliding on the ice and playing in the snow while they are out fishing.

Pheasant hunting is another favorite activity for families staying at Six Lakes Fishing and Wildlife Preserve. Just down the road about 30 minutes the Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve is one the premiere pheasant hunting preserves in the United States. Families that enjoying hunting, love to go down and hunt pheasants at this amazing preserve.

Wildlife viewing is another great activity to do with your family during the winter months. While families are out ice fishing, playing in the snow, or going for a walk it is very common to see deer and coyotes on the Six Lakes Preserve.

We hope to see you and your family this winter at Six Lakes for a Utah fishing and hunting vacation!