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Utah Fishing and Outdoor Recreation

Spring weather has arrived at Six Lakes Fishing Preserve and Resort. The ice has nearly melted on the lakes and in the next few days we will have open water on many of the lakes. In just over a week the ice will be completely melted off the lakes and spring will have officially arrived at Six Lakes. The spring recreation will be excellent over the next couple months. In this blog we will discuss the spring recreation available at Six Lakes.

Fishing is one of the main recreation opportunities at Six Lakes in the spring months. The lakes are full of large trout and fishermen will find great fishing in the spring months. The ice comes off the lakes in early April and the hungry trout slowly cruise the lakes looking for an easy meal through the month of April. Fishermen can cast a midge or chironomid below a strike indicator or bubble along the edge of weed beds and catch fish cruising along the weeds looking for emerging midges or small insects living on the weeds. Fishermen can also cast a woolly bugger or jig along the edge of the weeds and jig it slowly to catch fish in April and May. As the weather warms in May the sun warms the water and damsel flies and other larger aquatic insects get active. Trout begin chasing down these larger insects and an olive woolly bugger with a prince nymph or pheasant tail nymph dropped off the back is a great way to fish in May.

Spring guests at Six Lakes also enjoy canoeing and kayaking on the lakes. The mornings and evenings at Six Lakes are cool in the spring, but most afternoons are warm. The afternoons are a great time to get out on the water for a canoe or kayak ride on the lake. The cool spring mornings and evenings are a great time to get out on a mountain bike ride around the preserve or a jog. The cool weather is perfect for exercising and the spring brings out lots of wildlife that is active in the mornings and evenings, so it is a great time to be out running or biking around the preserve to see wildlife.

April and early May is a great time to sit in the hot tub and soak during a beautiful spring sunset. As the weather warms in May the late May weather is great for swimming in the swimming pool. Children love the swimming pool at Six Lakes and it is one of the favorite spots for families to play in late May.

We hope to see you this spring at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve for some amazing Utah spring fishing and outdoor recreation!