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Utah Fishing and Wildlife Preserve

Now that December is here the lakes are just starting to freeze at Six Lakes Fishing and Wildlife Preserve. The waterfowl are still hanging around the open water and the wildlife are active around the property, so it is still a great time to see deer, waterfowl, and other wildlife around the Six Lakes Fishing and Wildlife Preserve. There is also still open water on most of the lakes for those fishermen that would like to get in some last open water fishing before the ice fishing season begins. The lakes will be completely frozen over in the next two weeks.

December is a great month to get a little bit of everything at Six Lakes Fishing Preserve. The first week of the December there is still open water and fishermen can still catch some big rainbows, browns, and tiger trout by getting out on their float tubes and pontoon boats or fishing the open water from the shore. There is lots of active wildlife this time of year and it is a great time to enjoy watching deer, waterfowl, muskrats, and mink around the preserve. There is something for everyone this time of year at Six Lakes Fishing and Wildlife Preserve.

During December the afternoons are typically mild weather and so it is a great time to take a hike or bike around the Six Lakes Preserve. In the evenings the cool weather is great for soaking in the hot tub and relaxing by a warm fire.

The end of December is great for Christmas parties and ice fishing. Depending on the weather the ice is safe to ice fish by about December 20th. Family Christmas parties will have an amazing experience gathering at this Utah wildlife preserve for some great ice fishing, wildlife viewing, gathering around the Christmas tree and fireplace for gift giving, family games, and playing in the huge hot tub. The best part is families will have complete privacy and seclusion as they enjoy this gorgeous Utah wildlife and fishing preserve.