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Utah Fishing Cabin

During your stay at the Six Lakes fishing cabins this fall, you may want to enjoy some of the spectacular fishing that is found within a 30-minute drive of our property. The fall is some of the best fishing of the year both at the cabins and the nearby fishing in the Uinta Mountains. The south slope of the Uinta Mountains provides some of the best, unspoiled trout fishing in the entire United States. Many fly fishermen travel from all over the country to enjoy the rivers, streams, and lakes that are in our backyard. If you are not familiar with these waters, the best way to enjoy them is with a guide – however, whether you are with a guide or not, we encourage all our guests to explore and experience our favorite fishing holes. Here they are:

Yellowstone River
Located about 15 minutes north of Six Lakes, the Yellowstone River is one of the finest small, freestone trout streams around. With abundant populations of rainbow, cutthroat, brown, and brook trout, this river can often produce fast action and occasionally a very big fish. The Yellowstone is best fished with a fly rod and dry flies, but spinning rods with a spinner also work well. Access to Yellowstone is best found once inside the National Forest boundary. The Yellowstone/Swift Creek trailhead area can produce fast fishing.

Uinta River
Located about 30 minutes northeast of Six Lakes is the Uintah River drainage. One of the largest rivers on the south slope of the Uintas, this river holds some large brown trout, as well as brook, cutthroat, and rainbow trout. Access is best above Neola once you enter the National Forest.

Whiterocks River
Similar to the Yellowstone & Uintah Rivers, the Whiterocks is a productive fishing drainage on the south slope of the Uintas. About a 45-minute drive from Six Lakes, the Whiterocks River provides fast action for brook and cutthroat trout and the occasional brown or rainbow. The Whiterocks is a very scenic river, but sometimes hard to fish on because it is mostly on Native American land and has only a few access points on National Forest land.

Rock Creek
Located northwest of Six Lakes, Rock Creek produces some of the most reliable small river fishing around. Everyone will enjoy fishing either in or below Upper Stillwater reservoir or further down Rock Creek as it flows below the dam. Access is very good on National Forest Land and fishing is usually fast; about a 30-minute drive from Six Lakes.