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Utah Fishing in the Fall

The great fall fishing has begun at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve. This is the time of year where fishermen can find some great tiger trout and brown trout that are colored up in spawning colors. The rainbow fishing is also great this time of year. The fishing is not only great this time of year, but the weather is mild and the fall is a great time of year for families to play in the water, hike, mountain bike, and relax in the hot tub in the evening. Here are some tips and tricks for fishing when you are at Six Lakes in the fall months.

Look for fish hiding in rock or wood structures. Brown and tiger trout hang out around submerged rocks and underwater logs and sticks. Casting along underwater rocks and logs will often produce strikes. There is underwater structure in different areas of each lake at Six Lakes. Meadow Lake has underwater sticks and weeds in the northwest corner. Totem and Cliff Lakes have underwater rocks on the west end of the lake. Loon Lake has underwater rocks and logs on the south side of the lake. Duck Lake and Eagle Lake both have underwater rocks on the west side of the lake. These are all great areas to focus your fishing and you will likely find fish hiding around this structure.

There are two great fishing techniques to use in the fall at Six Lakes to catch fish. The first set up to catch a lot of fish in the fall is a dry/dropper rig. Use a dry fly that is big and floats well on top. Parachute grasshopper or foam hopper or ant patterns work well as a dry fly. Tie on a piece of tippet onto the bend of the dry fly hook that is about 24 to 30 inches long. On the bottom of the tippet use a zebra midge, sno-cone chironomid, or prince nymph as a dropper fly below your dry fly. Cast your flies close to a submerged rock or log. Trout will often come out from under rocks or logs and strike the dropper fly. Occasionally fish will take the dry fly, but more often they will eat the dropper fly. The second technique that works well in the fall is using a streamer/dropper rig. Brown and black woolly buggers and leeches work well in the fall. Use a piece of 4X tippet tied off the bend of the woolly bugger hook that is 30 inches long to drop off a nymph. A pheasant tail, prince nymph, hares ear, or red copper john will work well as a dropper nymph. Cast this set up along the edge of weed beds, rocks, or logs and slowly strip it. This technique will trigger trout to come out and strike.

We hope to see you this fall at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve for some great fall fishing!