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Utah Fishing Seasons and Techniques

We often get questions about the best time and techniques to use while fishing at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve in eastern Utah. We have put together a description of the fishing season and best techniques here at Six Lakes and what you can expect each month of the year if you come fishing to Six Lakes Fishing Preserve in eastern Utah. 

The open water fishing season in Utah goes from March until December.  The ice fishing season goes from mid-December to late February. In March – April and October – November, fish are sitting deep and are a little slower moving due to cold water and chilly weather. Best flies to use are woolly buggers and leeches in black, white, or brown on a sinking line worked slowly along the bottom with a blood worm, red copper john, or pheasant tail nymph dropped off the back of the woolly bugger.  A balanced leech or small zebra midge dropped 10 feet (depending on the depth of water) off a strike indicator can also be effective.  Late April to June is a good time to see midges and small insects hatching. Dropping a midge pattern, chironomid and emergers off a strike indicator 2 to 6 feet is a good way to fish. Woolly buggers and leeches with a nymph or blood worm as a terminal fly is still an effective way to fish.  June the damselflies are active, and a damselfly nymph or olive woolly bugger stripped along the weed beds is a great way to fish in June. July and August the weather is hot, and the fish are sitting deep. Evening right before dark is about the best time to fish and you can usually find a hatch of midges or mayflies. Using a parachute adams, klinkhammer, or midge off a parachute grasshopper is the most effective way to imitate these summer evening hatches. In the early mornings is another good time to fish and a mayfly spinner or klinkhammer is a great dry fly to catch some fish. The middle of the day is hot and fish sit deep, so fishing a sinking line with a woolly bugger or leech pattern worked slow along the bottom is the best way to catch fish in the middle of the day.  In September the cool mornings and evenings are still the best time to fish. Fish will cruise the edges in the mornings and evenings looking for grasshoppers and emerging midges, so a parachute hopper or PMX with a midge dropped off about a foot is the best way to fish in September. During the warm afternoons fish will still sit deep in the lake and a woolly bugger or leech pattern with a nymph dropper on a sinking line is about your best bet. 

We hope to see you soon at Six Lakes Resort for some great Utah fishing!