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Utah Ice Fishing

The ice fishing has been good, and several groups have taken advantage of the holidays the last week and come out for a few days with their family and friends to spend time ice fishing, playing in the snow, hiking, and relaxing in the hot tub. Here are a few tips on how to be successful ice fishing this winter at Six Lakes or anywhere you like to ice fish in Utah. 

Be prepared for cold weather and dress warm. It is always a good idea to dress warm with multiple layers of clothing, a winter coat, gloves, boots, and a snow hat. Dressing warm will keep you comfortable in the winter weather and give you more time to catch fish. If you have an ice fishing tent or can borrow one from a friend, it is a good way to stay warm.  A small kerosene space heater is another good way to keep warm and comfortable to make your experience better. 

Make sure you have a good ice auger with a sharp blade. Many times, you will need to drill more than one hole when ice fishing and if you have a good auger with a sharp blade, it will be quick and easy to drill a bunch of holes on different areas of the lake. This will increase your chances of finding a good spot where lots of fish are biting. If you fish one hole for a while and don’t get any bites, move to a new location and try your luck at a new spot.

In the winter months fish spend most of their time cruising along the bottom of the lake looking for food. The bottom of the lake is a more consistent temperature and most food is found along the bottom of the lake during the winter months. We have found great success dropping a white, brown, or green ice fishing jig to the bottom of the lake and jigging it about a foot off the bottom of the lake. White jigs with red or orange heads about 2 inches long and rust brown rubber jigs about 2 to 3 inches long are two of our favorite jigs. 

A fish finder can also be a big help while ice fishing. If you have a fish finder or can borrow one from a friend, they are a big asset.  They help you see if there are fish hanging out around the hole you are fishing and aid in seeing the depth and the depth the fish are swimming. 

Utah ice fishing is a great sport during the winter months and Six Lakes is a great spot to have privacy and catch some nice trout with your family and friends. We hope to see you soon at Six Lakes!