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Utah June Fishing

June is an amazing time of year to be at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve. The weather is warm in the afternoons and cools down in the evenings, so it is the perfect weather for almost every type of recreation at Six Lakes. Here are some of our favorite activities to do in June at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve.

The June mornings are great for biking, hiking, or taking a boat ride around the lakes and casting to fish. The cool mornings are about perfect for getting in some exercise and nice and calm for relaxing on the lake and catching a few fish while spotting wildlife coming down for a morning drink.

In the afternoons the weather is ideal for swimming and playing in the water. The great swimming pool at Six Lakes is awesome for children to play in and keep cool during the warm June afternoons.  The canoe and rowboats on the lakes around Six Lakes are also great for the afternoons in June. It is a great time to paddle around and explore the lakes and cool off by taking a dip in the lake. 

The evening fish in June is fantastic. Most evenings the fish are actively feeding on the lakes, and it is a great time to get out and catch some fish with your friends or family members. Damselflies are actively hatching off and many evenings midge hatches are also coming off the lakes.  These damselflies can be imitated by using a green woolly bugger or small marabou jig.  This is a great way for children and people learning to fish to catch a few fish and have a lot of fun. 

When it starts to get dark and cool, the hot tub or firepit is a great place to relax and tell stories with your family. The hot tub will soak and relax your sore muscles from the day’s activities.  The firepit is fun for children to roast marshmallows and hot dogs and warm themselves during the cool evenings. 

June is a spectacular month at Six Lakes. We hope to see you this month to enjoy this amazing time of year!