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Utah Lake Fly Fishing

During the year the water temperatures in the lakes at Six Lakes fluctuate with the change in seasons. The lake fly fishing at Six Lakes changes throughout the year.  In early March as the ice melts off the lakes the water temperature in the lakes warms up slowly. In March and early April the trout stay deep in the lake most of the time and feed mainly along the bottom of the lake on blood worms, crayfish and midge larvae. The most effective way to target these fish feeding deep in the lake is to use a sinking line and fish a crayfish pattern, woolly bugger, or leech with a blood worm or copper john nymph dropped off the woolly bugger about 24 inches.  Cast out the setup and let it sink to the bottom and then retrieve it very slowly along the bottom of the lake. 

In late April as the water temperature gets up to about 50 degrees throughout the lake the trout start to feed heavily throughout the water column on emerging midges and hatching mayflies.  The best way to target these actively feeding fish is to drop a midge or chironomid off a strike indicator about 3 to 10 feet depending on the depth of the water where you are fishing.  Cast your setup at actively feeding fish and wait for the fish to find your midge pattern. When the fish takes your midge the strike indicator will dip under the water. 

In June damselfly larvae become very active and a damselfly nymph or small green woolly bugger is a great way to catch fish. Pulling it slowly in on an intermediate line.  In late June, July, and August the top of the water column gets warm and the sun is hot, so the trout move to colder water near the bottom of the lake. Fishing a woolly bugger, leech, or crayfish pattern on a sinking line slowly along the bottom of the lake is the most effective way to catch fish during the hot summer days. 

In late September the cool weather brings the water temperature back down and in October and November trout feed throughout the water column again on emerging midges and small larvae. Fishing a midge, chironomid, or balanced leech is a great way to catch fish during the fall months.  Come and fly fish these fantastic Utah lakes this fall and see what you can catch!