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Utah May Fishing

May is a beautiful month at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve in Utah.  The preserve is full of wildlife and waterfowl.  Deer, rabbits, minks, and coyotes are common on the preserve.  The lakes are full of ducks, geese, loons, cormorants, herons, and other waterfowl. The weather is mild in May and most importantly the fishing is phenomenal.  May might be the best fishing of the year at Six Lakes.  Here are a few tips to help you catch more fish this May at Six Lakes. 

May is a great time to see huge hatches of midges on the Utah lakes. These large midge hatches occur most evenings during the month of May and the trout gorge themselves all evening during these hatches. This is an amazing time to be fishing at Six Lakes. Dropping a midge pattern or chironomid off a strike indicator about three feet and casting to feeding fish is a great way to catch a lot of fish in May. Zebra midges, disco midges, blood midges, and sno-cone chironomids are some of our favorite patterns to use during evening midge hatches.  

Another great way to catch fish in May is to hang a balanced leech off a strike indicator about three feet and cast it on the edge of woody debris and rocks in the water. Letting the balanced leech sit there and move with the waves next to the structure will attract big browns and tiger trout hiding around the rocks and logs. Balanced leeches in black or brown work well in early May.  In late May as the damselfly nymphs get active the olive balanced leeches get hot.

A third way to catch fish in May is by using a woolly bugger with a nymph dropped off the back about 24 inches. In early May black and brown woolly buggers worked slow with a red copper john, red wire worm, or prince nymph dropped off the back works great. In late May an olive woolly bugger with a pheasant tail or hares ear nymph dropped off the back is a great combination.

We hope to see you at Six Lakes this May for some of the best fishing of the year!