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Utah Spring Fly Fishing

All of the ice has melted off of the lakes at Six Lakes and guests have been enjoying the great spring fishing the last two weeks. May is one of the best months of the year for lake fly fishing in Utah and Six Lakes is no exception. In this blog we will discuss best fly fishing techniques and flies for spring fishing in Utah.

In May the water temperature in the lakes is fairly uniform throughout the water column at all depths of the lake. Trout can be found throughout the lake and are usually swimming along the edge of weed beds about 5 to 8 feet in depth looking for insects and small fish to feed on. During a sunny afternoon fish will swim a little deeper to stay away from the bright, hot sun. During the month of May working insect larvae imitations and bait fish imitations along the edge of weed bed at about 4 to 8 feet deep will produce a good amount of action with trout.

One of our favorite fly fishing techniques during the month of May is to tie a woolly bugger or leech pattern on an intermediate line and drop a prince or hares ear nymph about 20 inches off the back of the woolly bugger. Cast these flies along the edge of weed beds near shallow bays of the lake and slowly strip it back to you varying the speed as you strip it. This technique makes the woolly bugger or leech jig and triggers bites from fish. The slow pulling allows the nymph to swim slowly and fish passing by will often pick up the nymph as it swims by.

Another great technique for Utah spring fly fishing is to drop a fly off of a strike indicator about 5 feet and cast it along the edge of weed beds and let it sit. When a fish swims by they will often eat the fly and your indicator will go down. One of our favorite flies to use in May while fishing this technique is a balanced leach in black or dark purple. Balanced leeches sink beneath the strike indicator and jig in the water column as the waves move them attracting trout that are swimming along the weed bed. Zebra midges and chironomids are also great flies to drop off of your strike indicator and fish will often pick up midges and chironomids as they swim along the edge of weed beds.

We hope to see you at Six Lakes this May for some great Utah spring fly fishing!