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Utah Summer Fishing Tips

The heat of the afternoon in July and August at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve is perfect for swimming, boating, canoeing, and enjoying the water, but the trout feed mainly at night and first thing in the morning during these hot months. The bass and bluegill on the other hand really like the warm months in the summer and July and August are a great time of year to catch lots of bass and bluegill. There are plenty of bass and bluegill to catch at Six Lakes Fishing Preserve. Eagle Lake, Island Lake, and Cliff Lake all have large populations of bass and bluegill and are fun to fish in July and August for both adults and children. Here are some tips and tricks on fishing for these warm water species during your stay at Six Lakes Resort.

Focus on the edges of weed beds and rocky or woody structure. Bass and bluegill spend most of their time hiding in weed beds and underneath rock outcroppings and pieces of wood in the water. A well-placed fly or jig along weed beds or underneath a log or rock outcropping will usually produce bass and bluegill in July and August.

Fish with flies and jigs that are flashy for bass and run them past structure. Bass are ambush predators and hide under logs and rocky structure. They will also ambush prey from weed beds as they hide amongst the aquatic weeds and bushes. A flashy white woolly bugger or white jig with flash are great to use in these summer months and will get their attention.

Bluegill eat smaller insects as they swim around in the weed beds. A small prince nymph or hares ear nymph dropped off a strike indicator or a foam hopper is a great way to fish for bluegill in the weed beds and bays of each lake.

We hope to see you this summer for some fishing and playing in the water at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve!