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Utah Trophy Trout Fishing

The fishing at Six Lakes right now is some of the best of the year. Fish are feeding heavily most of the day during the next month and preparing for the winter. Rainbows, browns, and tiger trout are all actively feeding, and the cool weather makes the fishing good even in the middle of the afternoon. This is one of the best times of the year to find Utah trophy trout fishing at Six Lakes Fishing and Wildlife Preserve.

One of our favorite techniques to catch trophy trout this time of year is to drop a brown or black balanced leech off a strike indicator about 3 to 6 feet near rock or woody structure. Large brown and tiger trout hide near this structure. Letting balanced leeches float near this structure will often lure trophy trout out of their hiding places. Another one of our favorite techniques during this time of year is to work woolly buggers or mohair leeches on a sinking line along rock ledges or woody structure. This is another great technique for luring trophy brown and tiger trout out from the structure they live in.

During this time of year trophy rainbow trout are also actively feeding at Six Lakes. Rainbow trout are often feeding along weed beds this time of year on insect larvae and other small aquatic insects. They cruise these weed beds and the edges of aquatic vegetation looking for aquatic insects. One of the best ways to catch these trophy trout during this time of year is to hang chironomids or midge larvae off a strike indicator about 3 to 7 feet. The other technique that works well when the water is deep is dropping a nymph off a woolly bugger on a sinking line about 20 inches. A hot head nymph, red copper john, a red wire worm, and a pheasant tail nymph are some of our favorite nymphs to use this time of year.

Six Lakes offers a variety of cabins for groups of family or friends that would like to come and spend a couple days catching Utah trophy trout. The camper cabins are perfect for 1 or 2 fishermen, Eagle Cabin is great for a small family or group of fishermen. The Loon Lodge is a spectacular lodge for a large family or group of fishermen. We hope to see you soon at Six Lakes for some Utah trophy trout fishing!