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Utah Water Sports and Fishing

The water sports at Six Lakes are endless and July is the perfect month to enjoy all the Utah water sports that Six Lakes Fishing Preserve and Resort has to offer. Here are a few of our favorite water sports to enjoy while you spend time at Six Lakes Resort with family and friends.

Fishing is one of the best water sports to enjoy while staying at Six Lakes. There are many trout and bass in the lakes and the fishing at the Six Lakes preserve is some of the best trout fishing in Utah. Fishermen will be in heaven as they explore the different lakes and find some of the largest rainbow, brown, and tiger trout they have ever caught.

Big Sandwash Reservoir State Park is on the west side of Six Lakes Resort. This beautiful state park is quiet most days and has lots of bays and side channels to explore and find calm water for boating. Groups that enjoy boating will enjoy taking the boat out on Sandwash Reservoir and spending the day on this great lake wakeboarding, waterskiing, and surfing behind their boat. There are also smallmouth bass in this reservoir if you want to cast a line in the bays while you are out on the boat.

Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve also has canoes and rowboats on the lakes. Those guests that enjoy rowing around the lake will find plenty of small boats and canoes around the preserve to explore the lakes and watch the birds and wildlife while canoeing on the lakes. Paddleboards and lake kayaks are also available to rent to play on the lakes during the warm afternoons.

There is a beautiful swimming pool and two hot tubs on the Six Lakes Resort. The swimming pool is popular for families and children during the summer. The hot tubs are great for a relaxing soak in the evening during any month of the year.

No matter what time of year you are at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve you will find water sports to enjoy and great fishing. We hope to see you soon at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve!