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Utah Waterfront Cabin Rental

Six Lakes is wonderful any time of year, but spring may be our favorite time of year.  The waterfront cabins are perfect for seeing wildlife and enjoying water sports in the spring.  The fishing is great, the temperatures are moderate, there is wildlife and waterfowl living on the property to enjoy, and the opportunity to see baby animals create lifetime memories.  Family and friends gather at Six Lakes from March to May to enjoy this special time of year. The warm afternoons are perfect for fishing, kayaking, and paddle boarding on the lakes. The cool mornings and evenings are great for relaxing in the hot tub, sitting by the fire, and having a big family dinner or game night. 

The ice has started to melt on the lakes and with the warm afternoons this next week the ice will be gone in about seven or eight days.  Spring will have fully arrived, and the lakes will be open for fishing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. We look forward to this time of year all winter long and now that it has arrived, we are getting calls every day from past guests that have experienced spring fishing at Six Lakes in the past.  

This is a great time of year for everyone in the family. Children love to fish, canoe, paddle board, play in the hot tub, swim, and bike around Six Lakes. Adults love many of the same activities and enjoy hiking, jogging, and mountain biking around the preserve.  Everyone in the family can make lifetime memories at Six Lakes. 

We have lake side cabins at Six Lakes perfect for any size group. The Loon Lodge and Eagle Cabin are perfect for staying two or three days at Six Lakes and groups can choose which cabin fits their group’s size and needs the best. The Loon Lodge is perfect for groups up to 20 people. Eagle Cabin is a little smaller and perfect for groups up to 15 people. Six Lakes also has some small camper cabins that are the perfect size and price for groups up to 5 people.  Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve is perfect for families that want to enjoy waterfront cabins and make lifetime memories!