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Utah Winter Cabin Vacation

Six Lakes is an amazing property to gather with your family every month of the year. The winter months are great for viewing wildlife, ice fishing, playing games next to a warm fire, and soaking in the hot tub. It is a great location to get together with family and friends for Christmas, New Years, or a weekend getaway all winter long. In this blog we will discuss a few of our favorite things to do in the winter at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve.

The lakes at Six Lakes are frozen during the winter months. Many families enjoy ice fishing and sledding around the lakes with children. The frozen lakes are also great for ice skating. The family cabins are on the shore of the lake making it easy for families to ice fish, ice skate, and sled and walk back into the cabin for some hot chocolate and to warm up next to the fire.

The winter months are great for viewing wildlife on the Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve. Deer spend much of the winter on the Six Lakes Preserve. Foxes and Coyotes are also frequently seen on the preserve during the winter months. Families enjoy watching and taking pictures of the wildlife while they are ice fishing and relaxing on the preserve.

During winter evenings one of our favorite winter activities is to relax in the hot tub or next to a warm fire. The large in-ground 10-person hot tub at the Loon Cabin is a great spot for families to relax in the evenings and tell stories about the adventures they had that day. The fireplace in the living room is another amazing spot to relax on winter evenings with your family and tell stories or play games with your family while eating great food.

Winter is a great time of year to gather with your family for a Utah winter vacation. We hope to see you this winter at Six Lakes Resort and Fishing Preserve for some outdoor family fun!