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Utah Winter Vacation Rental

Six Lakes Fishing and Wildlife Preserve is a peaceful and beautiful place for families to gather during the winter months. It is a great place for families and friends to gather in the winter and enjoy time together in privacy and seclusion. In this blog post we will discuss why winter is such a great season at Six Lakes Fishing and Wildlife Preserve.

Families love to gather at the Loon Lodge in the winter months to relax and enjoy some peace and privacy together as a family. The Loon Lodge has a great room on the main floor with a gas fireplace that makes it a great place for families to gather and enjoy time together. The Loon Lodge also has a large in-ground hot tub that is ideal for families with children to play in the warm water during the winter months. The hot tub is perfect for relaxing during the winter evenings as you watch the moon and stars over the winter landscape. The large screen TV in the basement is perfect for watching your favorite sports or movie after a day of enjoying the beautiful preserve.

During the winter months at Six Lakes Fishing and Wildlife Preserve the wildlife moves down from the Uinta Mountains and spends much of the winter on the preserve and in the surrounding area. Wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy watching the deer and coyotes on the property. Many bird species are often spotted on the preserve and guests enjoy the abundant wildlife throughout the winter months.

Ice fishing is one of the favorite activities during the winter and families that stay on the preserve in the winter enjoy getting out on the lakes during the day and catching some large trout through the ice. Children will often sled and slide on the ice while they ice fish and build snowmen or other snow art. It is fun for the whole family and the wonderful part is if anyone in the family gets cold they can walk inside the cabin and warm up next to the fire.

Pheasant hunting is another favorite activity of Six Lakes guests during the winter months. The Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve is just down the road and families enjoy driving down the preserve in the morning and getting a bird hunt in with the whole family. It is fun to watch the dogs work through the tall grasses and reeds to find a beautiful pheasant that bursts into the air.

We hope to see you and your family this winter at Six Lakes Fishing and Wildlife Preserve!