The ice is almost gone from the lakes here at Six Lakes.  The mild weather in February has melted the ice fast and it is nearly time to fish the open water for big trout.  The weather is looking like it will be mild next week, and we anticipate that most of the ice will melt off by approximately March 1.  March is a great time to be at Six Lakes. The weather is mild, the property is quiet and peaceful, the wildlife is abundant, and the fish are hungry from the long winter.  It is an amazing time of year to fish during the day and sit and relax in the hot tub or by the fire at night.  Here are three tips for fishing Utah in the early spring.

March can offer some good fishing.  Here are a few tips and tricks we have learned over the years to catch some nice trout in March at Six Lakes. The first trick we highly recommend when fishing in March is to make sure you are getting down deep. The surface water is still very cold in March and trout prefer water temperatures around 50 to 60 degrees, so they are most likely spending their time down near the bottom where the water temperature is a little more comfortable. The second tip that is important in the early spring is to vary your retrieval speed. Fish are slower moving when the water temperature is cold, so slower retrieval speeds will usually be more successful in the early spring.  The third tip that will help you catch more fish in the early spring is to vary your size and style of lure.  We recommend using a large fly in front such as a woolly bugger or leech pattern with a smaller fly dropped off the back of the large fly about 20 inches.  The flies that we like in the early spring is a white or black woolly bugger worked slow along the bottom. The small dropper flies we recommend are blood midges, red copper johns, wire worms, and pheasant tail nymphs. The other flies we like to use in the early spring is a balanced leech and small bead head midges dropped about 10 feet of a strike indicator.

We hope to see you this spring at Six Lakes! Fishermen will find some great fishing this spring if they use these three tips for spring fishing in Utah.